Our Firm

We believe that people facing potentially life-changing legal disputes should have counsel no less wise, skilled and experienced than a Fortune 500 company would turn to if the stakes were just as high.

We have tried and settled significant, precedent-setting cases in Florida and New York, including the largest equitable distribution case tried to judgment in New York history.   We can generate such positive results for our clients due to the breadth of our experience as trial lawyers.  Our reputation of successfully trying cases is what allows us to favorably settle far more cases than we try.

Our lawyers have graduated from prestigious universities and law schools, trained at elite full-service law firms, and clerked for Federal and state judges. Three of our founding partners were partners at prominent international firms; one was a federal prosecutor; all have dedicated their careers to helping clients overcome extraordinary personal challenges.
Our new firm rests on a foundation of professional relationships that have endured for decades. We have crossed paths as colleagues, co-counsel, and even as adversaries.  But a common thread unites us: we practice law collegially, respectfully, and with an absolute commitment to our clients’ best interests.
Our common vision of how a law firm should operate is equally simple: hire and train the most talented professionals; treat everyone with respect; and give our clients the commitment, counsel, and creativity that they need. 
If you have a dispute you believe our firm may be able to help you resolve, please contact any one of our attorneys to begin a confidential dialogue.

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