We are known as leaders in matrimonial law.  But it is our collective training and experience as commercial, criminal, and securities litigators that enable us to resolve the most complicated and contentious matrimonial cases on favorable terms, usually without resorting to trial.  A true litigator can try any case.  We have.  And we still do. 

Matrimonial Matters

We resolve sensitive family law matters of every kind, including divorce, complex financial and valuation issues, child custody and visitation, geographic relocation, spousal maintenance and child support, grandparent visitation, paternity matters and negotiation of prenuptial, postnuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements. 

We have represented individuals across the spectrum of industries, including entrepreneurs and business owners, lawyers, financial services professionals, prominent figures in the arts and entertainment, professional athletes, and politicians.

We have represented traditional stay-at-home parents without control over the family’s income or assets, working mothers and fathers, and individuals—such as grandparents—who may have standing to assert custodial rights.

Our experience at the trial and appellate level is unrivaled. We have obtained some of the most significant rulings in matrimonial and family law in New York and Florida.  These include matters featuring complex disputes over the valuation and distribution of an extraordinary range of asset classes, including:

In custody matters, we represent mothers, fathers, same-sex partners and grandparents in matters involving custody, visitation and geographic relocation.

We understand the intensely personal nature of matrimonial disputes, particularly when it comes to custody and access to minor children.  Our lawyers understand that every decision must be made with an eye toward its ultimate impact on our client and his or her family. 

In this respect, we recognize that mental health issues impact our client’s families and matrimonial disputes with great frequency.  We are thus well versed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and the mental health issues it addresses.

We work with mental health professionals on a regular basis, some treating our clients and others acting as experts we may rely upon in a particular case to educate the Court. 

We have been called upon to defend a parent against cruelly opportunistic attempts to exploit a mental health disorder to gain a tactical advantage in a litigation.  We do this by understanding our client’s condition and treatment protocol and developing the knowledge and expertise necessary to present to the Court in a direct and candid fashion the challenges faced by our client and the benefits of his or her good faith adherence to a plan of treatment.  When necessary, we invoke the protections afforded our clients by the U.S. and state Constitutions, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the decisional authority of the courts.

At other times, we are called upon to represent concerned parents seeking to protect their children from a parent who has rejected his or her diagnosis or treatment plan—which can have a devastating impact on the family. We regularly address substance abuse issues as well, which often correlate to an underlying mental health issue. We have successfully requested and opposed requests for orders compelling random drug and alcohol testing.

We also frequently represent parents of children with special needs, and are often called upon to establish parenting schedules that provide much-needed stability for the children, and legal custody arrangements that ensure a parent will have the ability to obtain necessary services for their children without having to litigate every decision that needs to be made.

Commercial Matters

Many of our lawyers have experience litigating and trying significant commercial matters in venues across the country.  In addition to our matrimonial practice, we represent clients in commercial disputes, including commercial fraud cases, allegations of Medicaid and Medicare fraud, and negotiating commercially reasonable “exits” from private equity transactions.

Our lawyers have litigated cases concerning financial and accounting fraud, partnership valuation and dissolution, securities fraud, white collar criminal defense, and takeover litigation, among many other substantive areas. 

It is this breadth of experience, covering industries from financial services, to medical devices, to REITs, to electrical power generation, that permit us to hit the ground running, with a deep and genuine understanding of our clients’ business interests and assets.

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