We grow our firm by attracting and training talented, ambitious, and collaborative lawyers. 

We are committed to the practice of law, particularly trials, at the highest level and we enjoy doing what we do—helping people navigate their most challenging disputes.  

Our lawyers fit no particular mold.  Some of us are graduates of top law schools and universities.  Some are former “BigLaw” partners.  Some were judicial clerks.  All of us, however, are individuals with a passion for our profession who work hard every day to continue honing our litigation skills.  

We believe in apprenticeship.  Our associates and other professionals are members of a team, not employees relegated to completing ad hoc tasks.  We believe hands-on, day-to-day watching, listening and learning are the only way to develop the knowledge, skills, and judgment one needs to succeed in law.  We offer formal training, as well as impromptu guidance and mentorship when a teaching moment arises—which is nearly every day.  We are anxious to invest our time in candidates who are excited by the chance to be the best professionals they can be and who will contribute to our growing success. 

Our compensation packages reflect our values.  We pay generously because hard-working and dedicated people deserve to be paid well.  At its best, we believe a law firm is a family, and our actions match our words. 

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